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What is SCENAR

SCENAR: What Does It Mean? SKENAR is an abbreviation. First of all, this is the way to influence the person’s organism – self-controlled of energo-neuro adaptive regulation (regulator). At the same time it’s the name of the family of ‘SKENAR’ devices. SKENAR carries out its functions having a constant ‘dialogue’ with the organism on the basis of Simple electro-impedance quickly-reacted biological back connection. It provides individually-dosed and specifically-directed influence on the pathological systems. It aims at their transformation into functional pathological systems (FPS), which leads to the completions of the programm of their cyclic development and the following destruction. This process is called ‘SKENAR’ therapy. The supreme idea of SKENAR is the sriving for ‘personafication’ of each procedure (each patient gets his personal pattern of influence and individual method).

The aim of SKENAR-therapy is to form a peculiar reaction of the organism, that would correspond to all principles of construction of functions and systems. It must be the organism’s own reaction to its abnormal and functional disorders. The recovery mustn’t be the result of the treatment. It’s an active process, which results in curing of damages by the organism itself when forming new functional systems. SKENAR-therapy is a medical technology creating the relationship ‘the organism – the device’ which is directed to make more active the specific reactions of the organism that assist to adaptive processes that form the system, including the construction and the work of FPS in the organism having numerous functional and even organic presentations of abnormal reactions and illnesses. The therapy obtains a specific character and is aimed at pathological genes. It has the object of the complete recovery of the organism from the abnormal process with rehabilitation of its damaged or lost functions. The functional distinctions, the abnormal process fulfills the programm of its regular cyclic development and comes through the stages of its ‘ripening’.

The adaptive reactions correct and speed up the dynamics of the pathological process at maximum and lead it to its logic competion often with the rehabilitation of anatomo – morphological substratum. Sometimes in SKENAR therapy you can achieve the function even if a corresponding anatomo-morphological substratum is absent. It should be mentioned, that the rehabilitation of the function in SKENAR-therapy goes, as a rule, ahead of the dynamics of anatomo-morphological and clinical laboratory indexes. First, the organism compensates the function that is more important for it than those anatomo – morphological structure, with the help of which this function was obtained, while providing the receiving of a useful adaptive result.

The major index of the efficiency of the treatment is the normal – functioning, but not a group symptoms and clinic and laboratory presentation which change during the treatment.

The effect of SKENAR can be amplified by a combination with other non-specific regulators, for example with the rejuvenatoa blanket (healing multilayer blanket). Besides, the combination of SKENAR with homoeopathy is very good. Homoeopathy creates a wonderful support to ‘energetic type of control, that is carried out by SKENAR, as it uses a substantial type of control by processes of rehabilitation and supporting of homeostatis. Light massage, reflex, therapy (especially SU-JOK and ECIWO), IWF, IWT, bioreso-natural remedies in small doses, etc. are successfully combined with SKENAR-therapy and can be performed simultaneously without any damage for SKENAR-therapy.

SKENAR-therapy can’t be effective if at the same time drastic drugs (especially hormones, antibiotics), strong or manual massage influence the organism. However, ever drastic drugs are possible and permissible in combination with SKENAR-therapy, if the patient depends on them or therapy is recommended by life-saving indications.

The place of SKENAR-therapy in modern medicine. SKENAR-therapy is an ‘intermediate’ link between ‘orthodox’ medicine and traditional one. From the point of view of external influence on the organism SKENAR zone electrotherapy is a unit of orthodox medicine-physiotherapy.

The principles and methodology bring it together with the traditional medicine, in particular, with acupuncture in its different modifications (the main task of both is to help the organism to start helping itself). But different systems of acupuncture – classical, electrolazer and magnet acupuncture use more often spot. Influence on BAS, while SKENAR – ‘zone-electrotherapy’ influences integuments and mucous membranes.

In 2000 the educational aid for doctors ‘The Method of Correction of Clinic Presentations of Somatic, Surgical and neurological illnesses by the neuro-adaptive electro-stimulator SKENAR’ was accepted and in 2002 ‘The Programm for Thematic Improvement of Doctors on Electro impulsive influence with the SKENAR device (SKENAR-therapy In Clinic Practice) was accepted by the authority of Medical Education of Ministry of Health of KF. It is the beginning of entry of SKENAR specialist into the complex public health services with the following including on the list of medical professions.

Methodological Distinctions of SKENAR-therapy as a Technology. In SKENAR-therapy the technology of cooperation and interrelation of the doctor and the patient is different in principal from those in orthodox medicine, that regards the patient as ‘a helper’ in the process of the doctor’s fight against the illness (he facilitates to make the decision at the stage of diagnosing, but it’s possible to manage without it especially at the further stages of treatment). SKENAR-therapy isn’t possible without an active assistance of the patient, whose organism must ‘cure’ itself.

SKENAR-device and SKENAR-doctor are also correctors-participants of this process. It’s important to cultivate belief in the method of SKENAR-therapy, the device, the doctor. It’s necessary from the very beginning to explain to the patient his position and aim. The patient should stop ‘fearing’ and hope for ‘a magician’-doctor and he should start ‘working’ (not fighting) himself. As an equal participant, he must be careful about all changes in his own body and general state, he must follow the dynamics of complaints and changing of the functions. All this reflects the processes of self-regulation and dictates the tactics of the further treatment.

SKENAR doctor deals not with a separate pathology – he cures the whole organism in general through the centuries medicine appeals ‘to cure a patient not an illness’ and SKENAR-doctor practices it. The exact diagnosing and accordingly anamnesis don’t play a decisive role for the determination of tactics for the treatment in SKENAR-therapy unlike in school medicine. The main attention is drawn to the active complaint the changing of which shows to the dynamics of the pathological process, the place and the time of the optimal influence at present.

The main task for the SKENAAR-doctor in the group ‘SKENAR-doctor – SKENAR-patient’ is to determine a place, time and a type of influence. During SKENAR-therapy you can’t predict the reaction of the patient’s organism to the influence. It depends on numerous factors: the degree of disco-ordination of the work of its self-regulating mechanisms, blocking of the ways of information, the presence of other dreaming pathological processes in the organism. The pathological process must come through its stages of cyclic development, ‘to complete its cycle’, but if the beginning of the treatment started at a preacute or chronic stage – it’s impossible to avoid an acute condition and strengthening of complaints. Here we need active understanding and assistance of the patient to overcome this stage as painlessly and quickly as possible. It’s important to draw his attention that strengthening of complaint (appearing of new ones) is connected with the dynamics of the function (as a rule, it can be observed when SKENAR-therapy is successful), and just this index is the main one for us. It’s necessary to focus the patient’s attention on the distinctions of the presentations and changes of the current of adjusting reaction of the organism. But the complaints are ‘a dialogue’ of the organism with us, the way how the organism tells us where and how it waits for help and in this meaning they are valuable for us. In the process of ‘the dialogue’ the complaints will change dynamically and will disappear at the end of the treatment.

The patient should be ready that having changes in the work of the mechanisms of self-regulation other pathological processes, ‘dreaming’ in this body’, can awake as adjusting reactions are being improved and made optimal the positive results will be observed. Sometimes it’s enough to have a little additional purposeful SKENAR-influence (sometimes without it!) to help the patient get rid of another illness from which he has been suffering for years (he was treated for one illness and has been cured from another).

We’ll repeat Hipocrat’s words ‘Illness isn’t the state of separate organ, but the whole organism and in each illness the whole organism reflects’. As each organism is different, in SKENAR-therapy there are no and can’t be the same ‘prescriptions’ of treatment of specific pathological processes. And the last, the treatment is created not only by SKENAR and the patient’s organism, but there’s the third participant – the person, who holds SKENAR in his hands and SKENAR is the extention of the personality of the doctor.

Each SKENAR procedure is always creation and as such reflects the personality of the creator. Every SKENAR-doctor has his own inherented technique of work with the device, which reflects the peculiarities of his personality, special ‘pattern’ of interaction with the patient’s organism. For the success of the group personal qualities of each participant are important as well as interrelation an interaction between them.

The principal conclusion: The team SKENAR-doctor – a device – an organism is a triage with interaction sides! Active complaints and skin reactions on the influence indicate the kind and the place of help that is expected at a certain period of time to complete the adapting reaction and compensate the broken function as quickly and efficiently as possible. SKENAR-doctor comes through all stages of the abnormal process, determined by the programm of the development.

SKENAR serves as a faithful guide and assistant on this way, improving the power balance, helping the organism to compensate the broken function. The possibilities of the organism are limitless in this direction.