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The apparatus SCENAR-1-NT (version 01) (Super-Pro)

120 000 руб. - 10%

SCENAR Super Pro — model, which implements all the most important for professional use. “Know-how” of the device — the dual-mode biofeedback.

In this unit implements all the most important for professional use. The main “know-how” of the device – the dual mode of biological feedback, allowing you to automatically choose the right settings of exposure in acute conditions. The device has a factory preset (presets) for use in cosmetics, working with chronic conditions, the impact of before and after sports workouts and also for recovery after injury. This ensures that a user with no experience in SCENAR therapy from the first procedures can obtain good results. In addition, the device has a color display and a slick new interface. And advanced menu features fast navigation allows to significantly reduce the time of preparation of machine to work. Comes complete with a local electrode intended for diagnostic points.