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76 000 р.


(on the methods of R. Voll, Nakatani I., auriculodiagnostic) is designed to assess the functional state of organs and systems in the electrical conductivity of biologically active points (BAP). along with traditional methods of interpretation of research results, built-in expert system assesses the functional state of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the hemodynamic status of the patient and forms an individual scheme of treatment zones for SCENAR-therapy of various diseases. it is bundled with a module of information input from the measuring electrodes and methods and software. the system is designed only for professionals with a medical education.

36 000 р.

The device reflexodiagnostics RISTA version 02

The device reflexodiagnostics by the method of Nakatani. Has smaller size and weight. Storing up to 70 survey data. The ability to work in Autonomous mode and the communication mode with computer (USB port).

21 200 р.

Software complex Rista-EPD

Software for reflexodiagnostic complex Rista-EPD