The Moscow medical center
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Multilayer medical devices (ULM) based on metallized film RITM-ULM healing include blankets, mats and sleeping bags and medical garments (hats, vests, mittens, etc.)


Hardware-software complex for reflexodiagnostics assessment of the functional state of organs and systems in the electrical conductivity of biologically active points according to the methods of R. Voll, Nakatani I., auriculodiagnostic.


Remote electrodes are suitable for vehicles of all models of SCENAR and are intended for therapy in cases where the use of the embedded electrode is difficult or requires additional capabilities.


A series of household machines designed for self-use. Recommended for use in household and field conditions for the treatment of respiratory diseases, to relieve pain symptoms, injuries, burns, frostbite.


SCENAR-NT — series machines for professional use. Possess a high degree of reliability, a wide therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities, displays the maximum available amount of information.