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Affiliate program for physicians

Dear our colleagues, doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical centers, health institutions! We invite to cooperation in the framework of our program, which is designed by our experts and has been successfully operating in the capital region.The essence of this program is as follows: You can obtain the documents, which includes a list of our medical products, designed for the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases, all permits and promotional products. In the process of working with the public, You, as needed, recommend our medical equipment to a specific person that needs it, with a statement of direction on our letterhead. In this direction the patient buys medical equipment for the price of a manufacturer’s warranty. You, for the work done in the framework of our program, receive a bonus (cash award) in the amount of 10% of the cost of recommended medical facilities. The terms and conditions of payment of bonus according to Your wish.

All medical equipment have registration certificates and certificates of conformity.

To participate in this program, You simply need to call us. From participation in the programme benefits everyone: our center, You and, of course, the patient can receive the necessary medical treatment at the lowest price!

Let’s help people!