The Moscow medical center
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About the center

Moscow Medical centerSCENAR“.
ИНН 7715324236

The center was founded on 14 March 2002.

The license of the health Committee of Moscow Government: Series МДКЗ15119/6578.



Center Director, chief physicianErshova Irina Viktorovna (medical experience 22 years).
Medical speciality General medicine (Sverdlovsk state medical Academy). Specialization: therapy, radiology, physical therapy, reflexology, SCENAR-therapy.


The center has highly qualified medical doctors of various specialties neurologist, cardiologist and emergency physician, urologist, pediatrician, therapist.
All doctors are specialized on SCENARtherapy and SCENAR-expertise.

The mode of operation of the center: daily from 8.00 to 20.00.
Treatment schedule each patient individually.